Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nutrimom: Nutrition Program for Pregnancy & Babies

Nutrimom: Nutrition program for Pregnancy & Babies is a program to help moms make informed choices about their nutrition & wellness. Its a custom built program for mommies to be or new mommies (baby is up to 2yrs of age) you'll get one-on-one sessions with a personal Nutrimom coach, have vast resources tailored to moms needs, as well as products to help ensure you're getting the nutrients you need at every stage of your baby's development. 

Nutrimom has three plans you can choose from:
1. $69/mo (this plan is for any stage), Coaching which includes: One-on-one sessions with your personal Nutrimom Coach, continual messaging with Early Life nutrition experts and unlimited access to expert information personalized for you.
2. $99/mo (this plan is for mommy), Coaching & Products, includes: One-on-one sessions with your nutrimom coach, guidance from trained lactation consultants, ongoing messaging with early life nutrition experts, unlimited access to science-based resources, recipes, videos & master classes, group coaching created by experts, a personalized subscription box shipped free each month containing a 30 day supply of dietary supplements(prenatal or postnatal), a supply of 21 nutrition bars elected for your unique needs. 
3. $179/mo (combination feeding) or $259/mo (Full feeding) (this plan is for baby), these plan includes the same as the two plans above with the coaching, resources and messaging with nutrition experts but also includes, a monthly supply of infant formula (0-12 months) or toddler milk (12+months), tailored to feeding needs, happy family organic baby foods to help babies 6+ months taste development and weaning.

Nutrimom is a great for moms at any stage of baby's life, as moms we always have questions but sometimes don't know where to get help from, with Nutrimom you'll always have somewhere to turn to. Make sure to check their website for more info plus they have a promo code on their site.

Nutrimom box

I loved the packaging.

Nutrimom rocks!!!

Nutrimom bars to help mom out!

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post.I received this sample box while attending the New York baby show. 

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