Monday, March 21, 2016

#GREEK MOMS, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2!!!

 On Friday we were invited to attend The Moms, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 event which was sponsored by FujiFilm Mini Instax and Windex. Im so thankful that I'm able to attend events like these but by Far The Moms events are extra special because most of them are indeed Family Friendly. Not only was I able to enjoy this event but my husband & 3 year daughter accompanied me to enjoy this great movie.  

Now if you have watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding which came out 14 years ago (OMG!!! i feel freaking old!!!) and fell in love with it; part 2 will not let you down. Filled with charisma as the first one & the ability for us as viewers to relate to the characters is why you'll fall in love all over again!
This movie is so relitable its like you're watching your family being portrayed up on the big screen!! 
So I totally give this movie two thumbs up & run don't walk to the theater to enjoy this movie with your loved ones!!!! 

The Flores Family! 

I love how The Instax Mini Camera easily allows you to print your pics seconds after you take them!

Make memories! Cherish your loved ones!!!

After the movie, Q & A with Nia Vardalos & Elena Kampouris. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Irish Fairy Door Company.

Today I was invited to attend a special brunch with The Irish Fairy Door Company. An amazing company which began a little over 2 years ago in Ireland and was founded by life long friends Niamh Sherwin Barry and Aoife Lawler, along with their husbands Oisin and Gavin.  A dream come true during a time of recession and now an award winning toy abroad. 
Each little door is handmade from wood, and make for the cutest little portals to a magical world. Your child's will be so happy & heart fill up with joy when listening about the magic of having a new fairy friend. The Fairy Irish Door Company has thought about everything and it shows in every package sold. Every little fairy door comes with little stepping stones to lead up to their magical door,  a fairy lease/agreement that will help explain how to take care of your new fairy, a little magic bottle that holds a tiny key that is left out on the first night and if it's gone the next morning, it means that a new fairy friend has moved in all the way from Ireland. A notepad so your child can send little notes to her fairy friend and the Fairy Welcome Guide, that explains how to register your new fairy friend online so you can receive weekly updates on your fairy and where you can name her. 
The fairy doors retail for $24.99 and are available to purchase over at:
Each little door is the doorway to new traditions and memories. I loved being able to personally talk to the founders of The Irish Fairy Door Company and listen to their story, you see just how much they really care about the kids. It was also so great to listen to them say that they have partnered with the Children's Starlight Foundation, a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the quality of life and health of kids and families around the world. They also let us pick a NYC  charity of our choice to which they donated 10 Irish Fairy Doors on our behalf. 

The Irish Fairy Door Company, truly an amazing company.

These cute accessories are sold separately. So freaking cute!!  :)

3 out of the 4 founders of The Irish Door Company. 

Enjoyed a Traditional Irish lunch! Freaking delicious!!

Frida super excited to begin sharing stories with her Fairy! Thank you so much The Irish Door Company!!

Monday, March 14, 2016