Monday, July 25, 2016

Blogger Bash.. An Unforgettable experience!

Sadly Blogger Bash 2016 has come to an end! This was my first time attending and I couldn't help feel a bit overwhelmed & stressed out about what to expect. 
Even though I was told by many bloggers of how amazing & resourceful Blogger Bash was, It still fell short of how much you take away form it!! I'm not speaking of the swag but of the business connections & friendships that you build.
Honestly I am still amazed by Blogger Bash! It is a experience all on its own, nothing like Ive ever experienced.
Blogger Bash is two days filled with learning, networking, meeting brands and meeting or catching up with other Bloggers. It is so much you experience that if decide to make just one blog post about it, it would be such a long post. So I will make a quick brief post about Blogger Bash with lots of photos and then I will make separate posts regarding each brand I had the pleasure of meeting & Im working with.

Thank you Blogger Bash staff for not only the experience but for the memories made!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

.. Big Bang Fun!! ..

Do ever look up at the sky & marvel at how much beauty it contains? 
Starry nights are my favorite & when one comes to think about how it came about, you just can't help but be filled with amazement. If you and the kiddos have an opportunity to go to the movies this weekend I highly recommend you see Ice Age Collision Course.

On Friday we had the chance to catch a special screening of Ice age collision course & it is an absolute hit!!! 
If it wasn't enough to catch a special screening of the movie afterwards there was a very out of this world Q&A with Mister Neil deGrasseTyson!! Listening to how passionate Mr.Tyson is about astrophysics is absolutely wonderful, you can definitely  hear the love he has for science when he speaks about it. It was great to see Mr.Tyson himself but also to hear his voice over in the movie as Neil deBuck Weasel!! 
It is not Mr.Tyson's first voice over, but he doesn't do them more is because he ensures that the project has some science value to it. By far it was very interesting listening to Mr.Tyson answer questions science related but one of my favorite things he mentioned when asked regarding the school he attended was how it does not matter what school you do attend due to the fact that does not make or define you. but what defines you is YOU!!! Work hard towards your dreams and anything you set your heart to is possible. 

Once we were done with lunch we headed to American Museum of Natural History to check out their new exhibit Dinosaurs Among Us. We had a personal guide through out the exhibit which added some cool extra facts regarding the exhibit, as well as the cool new Titanosaur, the new fossil at the museum that is so big it needs it's own room to be showcased! (The name pretty much says it all) 

Make sure to check out Ice Age Collision Course and  plan a visit to AMNH (American Museum of Natural History) this summer break. Both are guaranteed to fill your day with learning and much fun!

Excited & ready for Ice Age Collision Course!

Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson & Scrat!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BLOGGER BASH 2016!! 1st time attending but certainly not the last!

BLOGGER BASH 2016!!!! OMG!!!!
I seriously still am amazed & tired, Lol after two full days of Blogger Bash. Absolutely wonderful learning experience as well as a great way to meet fellow bloggers & make new friends. 
As I recuperate and work on my official Blogger Bash post I leave a few photos of this awesome unforgettable experience!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tootsies & Paws

These pics were taken by my 3year old Frida. Once we were home she showed them to me & said "Look mommy Its Maverick & my feet!" lol. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Driving away from the city....

We love to take random drives away from the city, weather it be to run some errands and/or simply a quick drive out of the city. Lets be real NYC is freaking awesome but sometimes you just need to get away!!