Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nutrimom: Nutrition Program for Pregnancy & Babies

Nutrimom: Nutrition program for Pregnancy & Babies is a program to help moms make informed choices about their nutrition & wellness. Its a custom built program for mommies to be or new mommies (baby is up to 2yrs of age) you'll get one-on-one sessions with a personal Nutrimom coach, have vast resources tailored to moms needs, as well as products to help ensure you're getting the nutrients you need at every stage of your baby's development. 

Nutrimom has three plans you can choose from:
1. $69/mo (this plan is for any stage), Coaching which includes: One-on-one sessions with your personal Nutrimom Coach, continual messaging with Early Life nutrition experts and unlimited access to expert information personalized for you.
2. $99/mo (this plan is for mommy), Coaching & Products, includes: One-on-one sessions with your nutrimom coach, guidance from trained lactation consultants, ongoing messaging with early life nutrition experts, unlimited access to science-based resources, recipes, videos & master classes, group coaching created by experts, a personalized subscription box shipped free each month containing a 30 day supply of dietary supplements(prenatal or postnatal), a supply of 21 nutrition bars elected for your unique needs. 
3. $179/mo (combination feeding) or $259/mo (Full feeding) (this plan is for baby), these plan includes the same as the two plans above with the coaching, resources and messaging with nutrition experts but also includes, a monthly supply of infant formula (0-12 months) or toddler milk (12+months), tailored to feeding needs, happy family organic baby foods to help babies 6+ months taste development and weaning.

Nutrimom is a great for moms at any stage of baby's life, as moms we always have questions but sometimes don't know where to get help from, with Nutrimom you'll always have somewhere to turn to. Make sure to check their website for more info plus they have a promo code on their site.

Nutrimom box

I loved the packaging.

Nutrimom rocks!!!

Nutrimom bars to help mom out!

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post.I received this sample box while attending the New York baby show. 

TMNT Secret Lair!! Pt.2

A couple blog posts ago I mentioned I was able to visit the TMNT secret lair before it actually opened for guests. Well I ranted about how amazing this place to my husband & he took it upon himself to book a night for us to stay at the lair. Now the chances of this happening were slim due to the popularity & few dates that were to become available, my husband has some freaking luck cause he managed to book a night!!!!!!!! I don't know if my husband & I were more excited than our 3yr old, lmao.

The day finally came & we were all geared up with our turtle gear & enthusiasm over the roof to stay at the lair (airbnb). Now when we got there (still can't disclose location) they ask for your name & then give you tour of the lair as well as inform you of some rules of the lair. After you are done with the do & don'ts you're welcome to go about to explore , have some fun & make some unforgettable memories. 

The Turtles make sure your staycation at the lair is a fun one, being able to shoot some hoops, train ninja turtle style, play some games or simply relax & eat some pizza its all covered by the turtles. You'll feel right at home, thats how comfortable they make you're stay, good while you're there but bad because when its time to leave you just don't want to!!! 
This is one experience I will never forget, being a TMNT fan, having my husband & my Frida to share this moment with made it even more memorable as well as special. 

A special thank you to Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael & Donatello for giving us the opportunity to stay at their home. Hopefully we'll be able to do so again in the future!!!

Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Heros in a half shell
Turtle power!

Sipping on some fluids in these awesome TMNT cups!

Yummy pizza!!! Courtesy of Leo, Raphael, Donatello & Mikey!! 

My Frida getting some TMNT training!!

Turtle Power!!!

Caught some me time while they played on the TMNT arcade game!!

She wanted a selfie in the lair! lol

Splinter stopped by to make sure we were having some fun at the secret lair!

Midnight chillin!!

Enjoyed a cup of coffee right before we left the lair the next morning  :(

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Bond Between dog & human...

My fear of dogs (& I mean all DOGS!!) was all due to an experience I had when i was younger. My siblings & I were playing tag in central park, when all of sudden my sister was running away from me & was screaming at me to run, which had me confused till I saw a humongous dog running towards me. I was about 7 years old & was legit was running for my life; crying my eyes out as the dog ran behind me!!! Since that day I was terrified of dogs, as the years went by if I saw a dog that seemed scary to me I would either cross the street or simply wait till dog walked by.

Even though I was extremely terrified of dogs, I still found them to be amazing animals & wanted to have a dog of my own. Yet never had one of my own, that all changed when I met my husband & his family. His whole family loved dogs & he had a a dog which happened to be a pitbull.
I was terrified of pitbulls, mostly to all the attacks you hear on the tv and/or read in the newspaper, that breed is portrayed as such an awful & malicious dog. When I first met Chucky his pitbull, I was terrified & would make my husband hold onto him till I ran to his room but with time I grew to love Chucky, he cured me from my fear of dogs. I owe Chucky a lot, he showed me how much love a dog can give you, without having the ability to speak actual words a dog SHOWS you how much they care for you. My love for dogs only grew after interacting with him,  I finally got my very firsts dog a Chiuahaha named Manhattan which stayed with my parents after I got married & once we got married we got a American Bully named Maverick. Which my husband insisted on getting for our daughter so they can grow up together.

It is such an amazing experience to see my daughter & her dog cause even though we feed him & walk him, Maverick sole belongs to her! The love & bond those two share is unbreakable! Sure her loves my husband & I but my daughter is the beholder of his heart.

With all that being said PLEASE do not JUDGE the breed as being a "bad" breed, a "bad" dog is not born it is created!!!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New York Baby Show... Top 3

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the New York Baby Show, it was a fun learning experience even though my baby is already 3yrs old, lol. But the wonderful thing about the baby show is that it caters to babies, toddlers, first time parents, experienced parents and so forth. There are so many booths with different ares of interest for you to get information on, it ranges from toys, car seats, strollers, food, accessories, clothes, new trends, breastfeeding & the list goes on. 

Welcome!! New York Baby Show!

Blogger Lounge, Thanks MomTrends!

Doing some crafts at the blogger lounge.

Being a little shy! 
These two right here enjoyed all the fun at the New York Baby Show!

There are so many brands available at the baby show that it is impossible for me to include a picture or a brief description about each one individually so what I have done is picked 3 top brands that in my opinion are freaking awesome & you should totally look into!!!

1. Baby Mantra

Now this product I absolutely fell in love with it since I looked into it on their website. My 3 year old suffers from eczema & I nearly tried everything out in the market that supposedly helps the relief of eczema and sadly they have failed in do so.
Baby Mantra was founded By Nupoor and Vinnie sisters who are committed to a natural and organic lifestyle. Baby Mantra is made in the U.S.A from top quality all natural and organic ingredients. Their product line inculde baby lotions, baby oils, Mommy body butter, shampoo & body wash which have all been tested & approved by Nupoor and her baby girls.

2. Noobie Box
Ohhh where was this wonderful box when I was pregnant 3 years ago?!?!? When my emotions were all over the place, wondering what this new wonderful yet scary chapter in my life I was about to embark in have in store for me? This amazing free-one time no subscription neccesary is desgined for new moms, filled with high quality products both for baby & mommy to be. Plus, trusted information to answer some of the questions mommy to be might have as well as some valuable coupons. 
Excited yet a little anxious about this new beautiful chapter you are about to begin, let Noobie Box give you & baby a great start together!
P.S. Noobie Box is available to all new moms, FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!  

3. Qinti Cakes
Yes!!! Cake is is amongst my top 3, why you might ask??? Not only are these cakes beautiful but they have a Spanish flair to them. Qinti Cakes bring a Peruvian flare to their already awesomeness. What started out as a hobby for Qinti making cakes for friends & family. Without realizing it a dream became a business that with each day is growing.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Teenage Mutant Turtles Secret Lair!!!

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes in a half-shell, Turtle power! ( I bet you couldn't read that without singing!) Lol. I know my siblings & I weren't the only ones who would faithfully watch TMNT, such a great era where you grew up watching these awesome rad heroes! So When I was given the opportunity to visit their secret lair how could I possibly pass it up!!

As I mentioned above the turtles lair is secret so the location I can not give up. But what I can say is that its totally freaking awesome!! Paramount pictures along with the help of designer Amy Gavin  brought to life this lair. Starting May 14th through June 2nd you can book a one night stay via the airbnb website or app,  It is a one night maximum stay in order to try and accommodate as many as TMNT fans as possible. 
It is only $10 plus tax to spend the night, a maximum of 6 people can stay overnight but you can invite friends over to enjoy some pizza (obviously theres pizza at the TMNT lair), shoot some hoops, play some video games or just sit back and chill & squeal with excitment over the fact that are you at this rad pad!!!

With that being said, let this pictures bring it life:

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. I was just invited to visit the lair. All words and opinions expressed are 100% my own & in no way influenced.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Which team are you on???

Captain America Civil War comes out tomorrow May 6.
Have you decided which team you are on?!?!?

Team Iron Man!

Team Captain America!

FYI: We are Team Iron Man!!!!!