Monday, May 23, 2016

The Bond Between dog & human...

My fear of dogs (& I mean all DOGS!!) was all due to an experience I had when i was younger. My siblings & I were playing tag in central park, when all of sudden my sister was running away from me & was screaming at me to run, which had me confused till I saw a humongous dog running towards me. I was about 7 years old & was legit was running for my life; crying my eyes out as the dog ran behind me!!! Since that day I was terrified of dogs, as the years went by if I saw a dog that seemed scary to me I would either cross the street or simply wait till dog walked by.

Even though I was extremely terrified of dogs, I still found them to be amazing animals & wanted to have a dog of my own. Yet never had one of my own, that all changed when I met my husband & his family. His whole family loved dogs & he had a a dog which happened to be a pitbull.
I was terrified of pitbulls, mostly to all the attacks you hear on the tv and/or read in the newspaper, that breed is portrayed as such an awful & malicious dog. When I first met Chucky his pitbull, I was terrified & would make my husband hold onto him till I ran to his room but with time I grew to love Chucky, he cured me from my fear of dogs. I owe Chucky a lot, he showed me how much love a dog can give you, without having the ability to speak actual words a dog SHOWS you how much they care for you. My love for dogs only grew after interacting with him,  I finally got my very firsts dog a Chiuahaha named Manhattan which stayed with my parents after I got married & once we got married we got a American Bully named Maverick. Which my husband insisted on getting for our daughter so they can grow up together.

It is such an amazing experience to see my daughter & her dog cause even though we feed him & walk him, Maverick sole belongs to her! The love & bond those two share is unbreakable! Sure her loves my husband & I but my daughter is the beholder of his heart.

With all that being said PLEASE do not JUDGE the breed as being a "bad" breed, a "bad" dog is not born it is created!!!!


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