Thursday, July 20, 2017

Beyond Tablet, Perfect Interactive Board For Screen-less fun!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. But all words and opinions are 100% my own as always.

Beyond Tablet, Interactive Play like no other.

We were invited to celebrate the US Launch of Beyond Tablet, an interactive game board that enhances the traditional board game play with the newest technology, perfect for this generation of tech savvy kids. 
As a parent, we try to find new ways to keep our child/children entertained and away from away the screen.

Frida was excited to try out the Beyond Tablet, in her words " Mommy we need to take this home so we can play more!"

The Music Cube game shown above is a great way to get musically creative.

 But with kids being so addicted to technology nowadays, it can be so hard to get them off their favorite electronic 
In come the Beyond Tablet, an answer to all our prayers. This interactive board lets kids enjoy some aspects of a traditional board game with a technology twist, the perfect touch for these tech savvy kids. 
Not only will your youngest child be entertained but there are various games that can be played on the Beyond Tablet. Beyond Tablet will definitely spark your kids love for music, creativity, critical thinking and some good old classic family fun. A fun new way of learning with a touch of the technology kids are found of these days. 

Beyond Tablet, a new interactive way to enjoy some family fun! Leaving all screens behind. 

Beyond tablet is now available on Amazon. I urge you to invest on the Beyond Tablet, not only as a parent but as someone who is guilty of over doing the screen time, time to got off the screen and enjoy some screen less fun!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

.. Summer is coming & here come body image issues ..

Ehhh... Summer is here & I'm ready??

I've never really been one to have issues with the way my body looks, at least I think it is not to the extreme where I have said that I hated my body. I've aways been the chunky one in my family since I was a little girl, with the thick legs and fuller body. Through my school years I was always the thicker girl amongst my friends but never really felt "Ugly" or "Fat". I always just accepted th fact that even when I was at a lower weight my thighs would remain thick! 
Married and a now a mom, has brought changes in my body that honestly I don't mind, wider hips & well my thunder thighs are still here. My husband has never made me feel not wanted, if anything he's more into my body than ever before! Which I appreciate, he makes me fell loved for the person I am as well as my thunder thighs, Lol. 

Summer is always a time where I feel a little shy to whip out the shorts, dresses and skirts jus because well I hate NYC summer weather, humidity kills me!!! Plus I do tend to feel a little self conscious about how big my thighs look or how the outfit doesn't seem to look like it did on the model, just a small voice in my head that makes me doubt myself. 
Do I hate myself? N-O! 
Do I hate my body? N-O!
Yes I do get a little hesitant, Yes I do have a little self-doubt but I just push those thoughts out of my head and rock the hell out of my outfit. 
I truly do love myself & my body, especially since the magical experience of giving birth. You truly appreciate your body, and see the immense capability it has, So how can you not love it?!?!

So heres a little service announcement for us all (including me)
You're perfect, You're Special, You're One-of-a-Kind, You're YOU!!!

So this summer put on that romper, the skirt and shorts you doubted about and Love yourself! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

.. Stride Rite, Bringing comfortable yet stylish footwear to tootsies everywhere! ..

Stride Rite has always been a classic staple in footwear for tootsies everywhere. As parents we look for shoes that will offer our children the feeling of being able to conquer the concrete jungle, suburban playground and all of the places those curious little tootsies travel to.
Stride Rite has given little feet a chance to wander and not worry about their shoes hurting them or putting a stop to their adventures.

 I was invited to a sneak peek of Stride Rite's upcoming Spring and Fall collection.
Not only did I fall in love with their wonderful styles, bright colors, flexibility and array of choices but Frida wanted to bring home at least a pair of each shoe she liked! She was already making plans as to what shoe she would wear and where she would wear it to!
One of the things I love about Stride Rite is how they reinvent their shoes to stay hip and in style.
Stride Rite has kept tootsies in style since their first shoe was introduced in 1919, now in 2017 they remain a favorite not only for us parents but for our littles as well.

The Leepz offer great cushioning for kids , they are available in different colors for little and big kids.  

Stride Right offers awesome styles for everyday play no matter the season!

Stylish & comfortable shoes for those beginner walkers! Those first steps will be on point with these shoes!

One of Stride Rite's featured brands Sperry offers just as much style as security in keeping little tootsies comfortable.

Merrell is the perfect fit for your little adventurer, hikes will be easy-peasie
for those tootsies ready to take on the world!

Keds, offers your little fashionista a vast selection to keep their tootsies stylish!

Frida was sure to let me know she loved these Sperry Shoes, just as well as she fell in love with Leepz!
She wanted a pair of each shoe in every color it came in! 

Stride Rite, a classic shoe that will be a part of your little ones wardrobe for years to come.

Make sure that next time your looking to vamp up your little ones shoe style, you check out Stride Rite, a vast selection for your littles. Comfortable, stylish and affordable shoes to keep up with the adventures your little one will embark on.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were gifted a pair of shoes for attending Stride Rites Spring & Summer showcase but all opinions and words are 100% our own as always.

Monday, May 1, 2017

.. Monday Mayhem Wishlist!! ..

Spring days are here & summer is just around the corner. 
So Ive been eyeing a few pieces to add to my wardrobe. Something with some color besides my usual black!
Below are some of the pieces my heart is desiring:

This Forever21 Tie Dye T-Shirt is a must! Not inly is it Tie Dye but it also has Stuck in the 90's written on it! Umm.. Hello..Duh! It has to be in my closet!

Forever 21 is definitely owning the Tie Dye game

Tie Dye & Ren & Stimpy plus Whatever!! 
No brain tease here this piece will worn on those summer days.

Forever 21
Tie Dye Romper! Enough said!

This awesome Tie Dye hat with a melting happy face is available at Urban Outfitters

OMG!! I need these!!! :)
 Mother of pearl sandals from Iron Fist Clothing 
are a must!!!

Sunshine in my room with Urban Outfitters
 I can dream of sunny days with this groovy tie dye duvet cover!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

.. Tangled Before Ever After! ..

We all know and love princess Rapunzel, Tangled was a hit with not only the kids but as well as us parents. 
Well Rapunzel, the effervescent barefoot princess with the magical blonde hair is back in an all-new-Disney Channel original movie! It sure enough will steal not only your kids heart but yours as well. In this new original film Rapunzel postpones her wedding and with the help of her love Eugene, Pascal, Maximus and new friend Cassandra she will explore life beyond Corona walls.  
Bring  the exciting new adventure home on April 11th.

Rapunzel,is Back in An All-New Disney Channel Original Movie!  

To add an extra special flair to our Easter basket we decided to use the upcoming release of Disney's Tangled Before Ever After to inspire our basket decoration.

 Pascal (Rapunzel's best friend) was why we choose a green basket, we absolutely love his wittiness and his bond with Rapunzel. 
The Sun symbol that appears in the film was also inspiration to us not only due to the film but because of Spring and the sunny days to come! 
We wrapped green & white pipe cleaners around the handle not only once again for Pascal but for Maximus as well.

We loved the finished product!! The touch of Rapunzel is most certainly there!
We are ready for some Easter fun!

Make sure to grab a copy of Disney's Tangled Before Ever After releasing on April 11th!
Be a Rapunzel's companion in an all new adventure that you will truly love!

Below are some activity sheets you can enjoy while watching the film or you just wanna have some good ole Rapunzel fun!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

.. Splashings Easter Basket! ..

Can you make a big splash this Easter?

Yes, You can with a very special Splashlings Easter basket!

Splashings are full of ocean fun, weather you get a beautiful mermaid and/or a wonderful ocean friend you'll definitely have amazing underwater adventures.

Splashlings wave 2 are now available!! 

Splashlings well definitely be a wonderful add on to any easter basket or if your kid prefers no candy (Like mine) just make a bigger splash with a basket dedicated to some underwater fun. I added a little more fun to out basket with some seashells and decided to keep the green grass but in this basket we called it "algae" perfect touch to add to our oceanic fun.
In this new wave of Splashlings you'll be on the lookout for their new ultra-rare color change characters, that when dipped in icy cold water, amazingly change colors!!

Splashlings Wave 2 are available now!!! 
They are available to purchase at Toys R UsJustice and Walmart (February 2017).

Tons of new mermaids, ocean friends, gems, shells and treasures join the already magnificent collection of Splashlings!
Make sure to catch a wave & have some underwater fun!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

.. Obsessed doesn't even cover it! BIG BUD PRESS!! ..

My style is very simple, I like everything BLACK!! Lol. I love to wear black from top to bottom.
My mom always says I should wear more color because of my personality and honestly I see her point, once I feel comfortable around you, my true personality shows. 
When I do purchase clothing besides the color back it usually has some funky design or if its tie dye then its 100% chance I'm buying it. 

When I stumbled across the BIG BUD PRESS instagram page it was love at first sight. 
OMG!! I love how eccentric the website is, the pop of colors that not only the site but as well as their products offer!
This is a perfect match to my all back everything wardrobe, gives me the opportunity to play with some color while still being me (My style).
Their bags are one of my faves, the pins add the quirkiness that I like, the shirts, the bombers, I need it ALL!!!!

All of BIG BUD PRESS products are on my wishlist & are my forever obsession!!!!

This Bomber jacket is what dreams are made of!!!

Pins Galore!!!

Faded Flamingo Pink, I need in my life!

Lush Lavender, OMG!!!