Thursday, March 22, 2018

.. Sherlock Gnomes Inspired Easter Basket. ..

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Gnomeo & Juliet are back!! This new upcoming adventure is set to hit theaters this Friday March 23rd. 
To celebrate this new fun filled adventure, we decided to build an Sherlock Gnomes Easter basket. 
What a fun theme to help set up baskets for all the little ones! (Grown-Ups too, LOl) 

I've done theme baskets before but this one is surely one of my favorite ones! 
Even my husband joined in to help create our gnome basket, Lol. We both certainly let our imaginations run wild, we brainstormed and shared ideas on how we could set this up. 
My husband and I had a great time creating this wonderful Gnome themed basket for our Frida but by far our favorite part was setting up the gnome home that would included in her basket. 

Creativity at it's finest!!!

Frida is not a fan of sweets so we opt the sweets for these cool gnome accessories!!! Fruits, veggies and of course the gnomes had to have a wheel barrow to carry their supplies in!!!! 
Our inspiration for the colors of the house were Frida's favorite colored mushrooms, we were extremely excited when we found miniature ones to decorate the house's front doorway to match our painted house. 
Not to toot our own horn but I say we ended with a pretty darn well Gnome house, I wished I could not in it, Lol.
Needless to say Frida will love it & surely have endless fun with it!

Loved the final product!! Can I live here?!?!?

Make sure you catch the this fun filled adventure, so you too can have some gnome fun!!
Sherlock Gnomes, March 23rd!!! 

Check out the little Gnome accessories!! 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

.. Making my way back. ..

Well, Hello again..... Its been awhile since we talked. 
I feel likes its been ages, years have gone by since I opened up my laptop and tapped on my keyboard to share some things with you.
Where have I been? Honestly Ive been caught up with life, Mom life, wife life and just life in general. My brain has been all jumbled up with so many thoughts & ides to share with you but they have been over seen by those of life! Truly all I wanna do is go on vacation or go somewhere I can scream on the top of my lungs & let it all out, the frustration, the feeling of overwhelm and a little bit of sadness that has been consuming me. 

As I am typing this very moment I can feel a little bit of everything come over me, I feel lost in all the emotions, should I ask (better said can I ask for a little break?) Can I step away to gather my thoughts & emotions in sync? As quickly as I feel I can guilt steps in; Nope you gotta be there, they need you. I love my family, I love being a wife, I can remember at a young age wanting to be a good wife, great mom & a supporter of my family but that does mean I loose the sense of who I am? 

Who is Jessica? Do i just respond to Mom and/or wife now? 
If it makes any sense I feel like I lost but also gained so much, My life is filled with so much joy, love and experiences that Ive never thought possible. I love my life, my family and the all that has come with this new life. 
But (Yes there is a but) I wanna refund myself, I want to rekindle my Jessica candle, Jessica the person, not the wife, not mom but just Jessica. To be focus on bringing myself back to life, so i can not only be a better me but also a better person to continue supporting & taking care of those I love. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Be a Diva... With some help from Divatress!

Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored post. Like always opinions are 100% my own. 

Ever wanted to try a new look but you were a bit hesitant about the outcome? 
Want to try something new but not permanent? 
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Take a look at the selection that is offered and you will surely find that special touch that you've been looking for. 

Be the Diva you were born to be!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

.. December 12, Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe ..

"Am I not here, me that I am your mother"

December 12, Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is one of the most important and spectacular days that is celebrated in Mexico & amongst believers around the world. On this day people from all parts of Mexico make their way to the Basilica in the Mexico city, where they will celebrate Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. 
This day is a national fiesta, which is celebrated with traditional music, folkloric dances and songs dedicated to the Virgin. Amongst the thousands of bouquets of flowers that pilgrims bring in honor of the Virgin De Guadalupe, you can feel the love and thankfulness that each person is feeling. 
This day is of great importance to Mexicans and believers around the world. It is a day filled with gratefulness, love, compassion and it is hard to put into words but honestly when you are celebrating you are filled with peace within yourself. 

Frida's first Dia De la Virgin De Guadalupe celebration.

This is a very special day for us, it is of custom to dress little ones in traditional clothing and bring either flowers or a small offering to the church to present our Virgencita as a way of thanking her. 
Since Frida was born we have been showing her this beautiful tradition, she now 5 & loves this celebration. 
She gets to see first hand her culture, her faith, and her love for "Mama Lupita" as she refers to the Virgin. It is an aspect of her culture she gets to partake in, choose what offering we will be taking and simply learn more about her Mexican roots. 
Every year we look forward to December 12 to honor our Virgencita, we gather as a family filled with faith, thankfulness and love in our hearts to not only show our gratitude but to grow our faith in our family, in our home and in our hearts. 

Aztec folk dance in honor of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

.. Dia De los Muertos: A day of remembrance..

Dia De Los Muertos also known as Day Of The Dead, is a Mexican tradition where families create altars in remembrance of loved ones that are no longer with us. Altars that are decorated with favorites items, foods and the loved one(s) picture.

Now a mom, This is one tradition that I absolutely love teaching Frida about, her curiosity and intrigue about it is something I love to see. When we are getting ready to build our altar, I tell her stories about loved ones she sadly did not meet but knows of due to this beautiful custom, she loves to help in getting the items we will be placing on the altar. 
I remember when Frida first asked my about Why we celebrate Dia De Los Muertos? 
It caught me off guard and honestly I was a little confused, how do I explain DEATH to her, thats even though it is a natural part of life, it is still something we tend to shy away from the subject.
Before I could answer her she told me " Mommy, we celebrate Dia De Los Muertos to remember our family that we love so much!" 
I answered her "Yes, we love our Family and even though they are no longer with us, we celebrate our love for them."

Every year as soon as we start getting ready to create our altar, Frida loves to help in getting things prepared, we go buy favorite food items, flowers and other things we will place in the altar. 
While we create the altar we play music each one of our loved ones enjoyed listening to, share stories of our loved ones and creating new memories with each other. 

" The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."

Dia de los Muertos is special to myself and has become special to Frida, we will keep setting up our altar every October 31-Nov.2. We will remember our loved ones with much love and understand that even though there presence is no longer with us their love will carry on.

" When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."

Saturday, September 2, 2017

And just like that our family grew by one....

Maverick, Our 1st fur baby!

 We are proud owners of a 4 year old bully breed pup. Maverick is an absolute loving, caring,  protective and cuddle loving pup. He does not measure his size nor his weight (he weighs roughly 100 lbs!); he just knows that he is our family and he loves us!

Well, My family and I absolutely love animals. Frida has repeatedly told us that she wants to own a house where she will have all types of animals and she will take care of them if they get sick. She said "I will teach them to be a family, love each other and be happy." My heart fills with joy overtime she tells me this and I hope her dream of owning this house comes true. 
If it was up to her our current apartment would be filled with doggies, big ones, little ones, you name it she wants all of the doggies. 

Frida convinced my husband real quick, which is no surprise because if it were up to him we would have a dog filled with dogs as well. Don't get me wrong I would love to have all the doggies as well but not in an apartment, especially a NYC sized apartment. I caved in and next thing i know we were on our way to adopt a puppy, not any puppy but a Chihuahua puppy! 
We already had her name picked out and everything! We were all excited to bring Miley home with us and shower her with love!

Frida with Miley, on our way home from adopting her. 

I was a little nervous with the size difference between Miley and Maverick but Maverick is such a loving pup himself the nervousness quickly faded away. Maverick was eager in meeting her and we slowly introduced them to each other and they been inseparable since day one. They take naps together, sleep on the same bed even though they each have their own and Maverick has taught Miley the Do's and Don'ts of the house. 
He is very protective of her when they go out for walks together, both are protective of their sister Frida and both shower each other with affection as well as us.

Maverick & Miley.
My M & M!

Sleeping together is their favorite hobby! Haha!

Maverick teaching Miley how to roll around in the grass. 

Our family has now grown by one and we couldn't be happier! 
Get ready to be read the adventures of Frida and her fur-siblings!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The force will be with you. Stars Wars Rebels season 3 is releasing today!

Stars Wars Rebels season 3 releases today! This action packed collection delivers the full 22 episodes plus never before seen bonus material. Star Wars Rebels season 3 brings some of the most critically acclaimed Star wars storytelling to date, with engaging characters, harrowing conflicts, and out os this world battle scenes on par with those seen in the films.
Star Wars Rebels season 3 is avaliable today, August 29! 
Get your copy today and May the force be with you

As Star Wars Fans we decided to have a little extra fun in before watching Star Wars Rebels season 3 by decorating our very Storm trooper mask.

Degin A Vinyl Strom Trooper is the perfect addition for any Star Wars fan, what better than being able to decorate your very own Storm Trooper mask in whatever way you choose. 
It comes with everything you need, markers, pencils and stickers to help your galactic begin come to life. 

Frida was very excited to decorate her own Storm Tropper, she went straight for the markers and decided where she would use each color. She asked for my help to place the stickers on the top of the helmet, she said that way they can read from the sky that he is a storm trooper, Lol.

And here is the final product:

Make sure you grab your copy today!
May the force be with you!

Disclaimer: We received product and film in exchange for this write-up. All opinions are our own!