Sunday, December 11, 2016

.. Elena of Avalor, Inspires our Christmas Decor!! ..

When I tell someone that in my house we love to decorate during holidays, the word love is a major understatement!! We absolutely love holiday decor, and Christmas is definitely on the top of the list! 
My husband & I love to show our little one not only the American traditions but those that are celebrated in Mexico. We show her videos and/or pictures of some traditions that are celebrated and we incorporate them in our household. 

This year we had extra help in showing her some of those traditions, help that came in the name of, Elena
Elena Of Avalor, is a thoughtful, compassionate and adventurous princess who with the help of family and friends learns new things while she's helping someone in need or just being her adventurous self. Princess Elena's Kingdom is inspired by Latin America and it is most certainly seen in the kingdom's vivid colors, Elena's beautiful dramatic dress as well as events that take place in her palace or in the kingdom with an extra latin flair.

As we cut our choices down for what our "theme" would be for christmas decor, we were struck by an idea (An idea given to us by our 3yr old) Why not have an Elena of Avalor inspired color sway for our front door.
With the help of our eager 3yr old, we choose Gold & red as the main colors, we set out to look for the perfect decor but weren't lucky because nothing really caught our eye.
So what did we do? We DIY our own decor what we turned out with was this:

Frida loved the Elena of Avalor inspired color sway for our door!

Elena Of Avalor: Feliz Navidad, A royal Christmas. (Artwork from book)

Frida hiding behind her copy of Elena of Avalor: Ready to Rule, DVD.

With some of the leftover ribbon Frida wanted to give her snowman ornament a glitzy & fancy attire like Elena.

We used the bold colors red & gold which Princess Elena gracefully wears a beautiful Navidad gown (pictured above) with these vibrant colors. 
We found metallic gold wrapping paper, a red ribbon with gold trim and and red ribbon to use for our decor. Wrapping our door with the paper, and then carefully placing the ribbon as one would do so when wrapping a gift we were left with the task of making the giant bow with our shiny red ribbon, after many tries we finally had the perfect bow & we placed it on to finalize our door!
After our decor was done we proceeded with another great tradition making some tamales!!! Tamales are a must during the holiday season! 

Frida helping her Grandma  make some delicious Tamales!!

We love our holiday traditions while listening to seasonal music, wether its Feliz Navidad or Santa Claus is coming to town we love sharing traditions with our little one. 
So this holiday season share all your memories, traditions or simply start new ones with your family, those are the memories that all of you will remember. Make sure to get a copy Of Elena of Avalor, Ready to Rule DVD as well! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Celebrate National Mutt Day with the help of Peppy Pups!

Guess what national day it is??? 
Today is National Mutt Day!!  National Mutt day was was founded by Pet lifestyle & animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige. It is observed on Dec.2 and July 31st, to celebrate the many wonderful attributes of mutts to promote adoption worldwide.  Of course my dog-loving family is going to spoil our fur baby Maverick with a his favorite special treat & extra cuddles!! (As if he isn't a spoiled enough, Lol). 

So lately Frida has been asking for a new baby, to be be specific she wants a new baby doggy. In fact she has been telling people that theres going to be a new baby at our home & once friends & family ask her filled with emotion "Omg! Frida, are you going to be a big sister?" she calmly answers "Yes, my mommy is going to have a baby doggy!" I laugh so hard every time I see their reaction to what she answers them. 
Frida & Maverick are inseparable, they're best friends, and I absolutely love seeing their bond. Would I love to have another puppy, YES!! But another dog that's Maverick's size would be a little too much for our NYC sized apartment!

So what is a momma to do??? Frida already has a billion doggy plushes in a variety of sizes but it's not quite as realistic. 
But wait what about Peppy Pups?!?!? What are Peppy Pups you ask? 
Peppy Pups are the only plush dog who really run with you! They have spring action legs, tails & heads so when it's time for their walk, they will bounce along right beside you! The best part aside from their super snuggable demeanor is that absolutely no batteries are required!!! 

Check Peppy Pup in action here:

The perfect companion, free of mess & batteries! Ha! 
Absolutely love Peppy Pup & Frida has watched the video over and over again asking mommy for this new baby doggy! 
This is one more doggy that mommy can bring home for sure!

 So join us to celebrate National Mutt day today with your fur babies at home and if you're looking for a new addition give Peppy Pups a chance to win over your child's heart! 

Peppy pupps is available at retailers nationwide, including Toy R'Us and Amazon for a retail price of $19.99. Recommended for ages 4 & up.

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