Sunday, October 30, 2016

.. Bounty. Enjoy the moment, not the mess! ..

Thanks to Bounty &  Kristin Cavallari we were able to enjoy the moment & forget about the mess at their  Messy But Memorable Birthday Bash event. Cake decorating, finger painting, dying some Bounty made flowers & some cake smashing didn't phase our fun especially with Bounty on hand to clean up the messes!

As a mother to a very creative & curious toddler there's not a day that goes by where a mess is not made, and when accidents happen we tend to worry about the mess & not enjoy the moment with our child. (Not necessarily the mess but the experience)  Guilty of such behavior I was reminded at the event that memories last more than the mess! (Plus I will always have Bounty nearby so the mess will be cleaned up easy & fast!) 

As parents we encounter messes every day, but thankfully Bounty is 2x more absorbent vs. the leading ordinary brand, and one Bounty roll can last 50% longer.  So weather it be your child's first finger paint, baking a cake for the bake sale, or if you have any pets in your household (that's a whole other set of messes!) Just have Bounty nearby & remember to enjoy the moment, not the mess!

Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper offers a variety of its wonderful product including cool prints, select a size, dura towel & one of my faves Bounty with dawn!! Thumbs up for Bounty for cleaning messes easy & fast! And for giving us mommies the chance to enjoy those messy yet wonderful moments with our kids! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

.. Dia de los Muertos, Celebrate the cycle of life ..

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated in Mexico from November 1- 2. 
It is a celebration of the lives of the deceased in which we honor them with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life. It recognizes death as a natural part of life, it is a natural part of the life cycle. On the this day the dead are awakened from their eternal sleep to share celebrations with their loved ones.
The most familiar symbol row Dia De Los Muertos is are Calaveras (Skulls, Sugar Skulls), it may appear everywhere during the holiday in candied sweets, parade masks, dolls, face painting & more. Calaveras present themselves often in bright colors or portrayed enjoying life.
Ofrendas are an essential part of the celebration (Ofrenda means offering in spainsh.) Also know as altares (altars), these ofrendas often contain a deceased ones favorite food, drink and sweets, sweet bread ( pan de muerto) and a toy if the altar is for a child as well. Pictures of saints, Virgen De Guadalupe, and a crucifix may also be placed on the altar, along with bright yellow & orange marigolds (an Aztec power of the dead.) Ofrendas are placed at home as well as in the cemeteries.

Ive always loved Dia De Los Muertos, its always filled my heart with happiness as well as a bit of sadness to celebrate my loved ones who are no loner here. It is bittersweet but I love to celebrate their life with as much joy as they once did.
This year I will be setting up my very own FIRST ofrenda! Ive always helped my mom with hers as well as my mom in law. But this year Ive decided to do my own with the help of my Frida, I love how she asks question regarding the calaveras, or what the sugar skulls are for?
This is part of her culture, a tradition that I wish she follows with years to come and grows to love as much as I do.

Monday, October 24, 2016

.. Fun & Stylish, Warby Parker & Leith Clark ..

Are you a a fan of sunglasses? Are you looking for an inspired vintage, classy yet fun look? 
Look no further, Warby Parker has partnered with Leith Clark for a second time to bring a vintage inspired collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Leith Clark's inimitable eye and her admiration for the old and uncommon bring this collection to life. 
The collection incorperates rimless frames, mixed material construction and exposed screws. Leith took their classic silhouettes and gave them that extra touch! Think cateye, or a winged temple detail on what are already beautiful frames, you have a combination that just makes you full fiesty, classy & stylish!


"I like the 1970's. I miss River Phoniex. I like Diane Keaton as Annie Hall. Antique russian seeing chatelaines. Bookish girls. I like Simone de Beauvoir and Geoffrey Habermas's bronze mantids. I like it when the sky is all violet too." -Leith Clark


I have absolutely fallen in love with this collection. I tend to always go for the aviator style when purchasing sunglasses but the Valda frames have won over! I love these frames, they give off a classy but with a touch of oomph.  Its never too early to think  ahead for your next vacation or for those who live in sunny weather year round take a look into this collection, you won't regret it! ( I' will be adding those sunglasses to my holiday list and add an asterisk next to them so hubby gets the hint, Lol) The collection also includes eyeglasses so no one is left behind. I personally do not need eyeglasses but I would totally rock the Wednesday frame if I did! 
There is something for everyone in this collection, you'll definitely will be ready to take on any situation coming your way weather it be at work or giving your eyes some shade from those bright sunny days!

If this awesome collection already wasn't rad enough, in celebration of their partnership, they are donating to an organization that is dear to Leith. The United Nations foundation, Girl Up, is a campaign that encourages girls to raise awareness and funds UN programs that offer life-changing opportunities for girls all around the world. And as always, for every pair of frames sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Make sure you take a look at this wonderful vintage inspired collection of sunglasses and unique eyeglasses.

Monday, October 10, 2016

.. Disney always bringing the Magic! ..

Everyone needs a little magic in their life and Disney brings us closer to Magic every time! We were invited to a pre-release party at the Nintendo World New York for the newest Disney game, Disney Magical World 2 (Available on Nintendo 3DS as of October 14th). 

Disney Magical World 2 definitely gets two thumps up from us! Not only are there six different magical worlds to explore such as The Little Mermaid, Snow White's , Lilo & Stitch's, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie The Pooh and last but not least Frozen With Anna Elsa and the oh so lovable Olaf! In each of these worlds you'll be able to partake in fun magical adventures that simulate each of the characters "home".  There are more than one hundred characters throughout the game!! 
But by far one of my favorite parts is the Mickey's Magical dream parades within the game, why is one of my favorite things?! 
Because Jack Skellington is there!! My family & I are The Nightmare Before Christmas fans, so to see Jack in there made us cheer with joy! (Can Jack Skellington & the his halloween town gang, get their own game?? Lol)
The game has so many features on it from being able to live in the world of beloved Disney Characters, invite Disney Princesses to the Enchanted Ball, Customize your look with hundreds of Diney themed outfits and much more!

Disney's Magical World 2 most certainly be on our Holiday list this year! Not only on Frida's but also mine! Lol. This game will surely be a family favorite! 
Disney has surely brought that special magical touch with this game!
Check out the game here: Disney Magical World 2

Saturday, October 1, 2016

.. Hello October! ..

.. Hola Octubre!!! ..

October is by far one of our favorite months here at my house because it officially brings in the fall feel! Not only ado we love the weather but the holiday & traditions that we begin to celebrate in the months coming.

Join us as our over decorating (LOL) & celebrating for this magical time begins!!