Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello!!! Excited to get this rolling....

Hello welcome to TOOTSIES & PAWS.  After much persistence from my sister I decided to finally start blogging, Lol. Now lets keep this first blog simple with 10 facts about myself!

1. My name is Jessica & I'm 29 years old.
2. Birthday: 11/29
3. I'm currently a stay at home momma to my baby girl Frida (She's 2) & my fur-baby Maverick (He's almost 2)
4. The blog name is inspired by them because the bond they share amazes me.
5. I use to work in the American Museum of Natural history in NYC.
6. I live in the city that never sleeps.
7. Im Mexican-American.
8. Coffee & chips are my obsession.
9. Im married to my best friend.
10. I love Skulls, Frida Kahlo & anything in the color black.
11. I love to dance!! ( extra fact, lol)

I hope to post often perhaps daily but not to sure of that yet. If you decide to follow a big thank you in advance!!!!!!  :)