Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's Day .... A must watch film

Today I had the chance to see an early screening of the Mother's Day movie. I've been looking forward to see this movie from the moment I had watched the trailer, excited to see so many of my favorite stars in one movie and the storyline caught my eye.
I was not disappointed at all. It's such a beautiful movie with different looks on motherhood, you go through an a ray of emotions  & so many relatable moments throughout the film.You will be sure to identify with at least one part of the movie. 

I don't want to go into any specific details because a spoiler might come out and we don't want that to happen. 
Make sure to grab your tickets, plan a day with your mom and go watch this movie!
P.s: Stay to watch the credits as there are some very funny bloopers to watch!!!

RUN don't walk to see Mother's Day

Kate Hudson and Gary Marshall with Denise & Melissa aka The MOMS.

Disclosure: I was invited to see this screening no other compensation was received. All words and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hanging out with Alice Cooper!!!!

Today I had the immense pleasure of attending an exclusive meeting for the release of Peter and The Wolf in Hollywood movie book app. Along with the producers and rock legend Alice Copper who narrated the movie book we learned how the app was developed, the process it took & how kids as well of adults well be able to enjoy this classic with a new twist. The app is available for the iPhone & iPad. Make sure you check out, take a trip with this classical book with a twist, enjoy while learning through classical music & this classic read that is sure to be added to your bedtime routine!

I'm Official!, Lol.

Listening to the producers about the app.

Showing us how the app will work.

Sneak peek of one of the characters, the sneaky cat.

With Rock Legend Alice copper, Such a humble person!

Crew who brought Peter and the wolf in hollywood to life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My companion...

Maverick my fur baby, my companion.. No need for words just take a look..

Always patiently waiting for me.

The "Mommy I'm here with you" look.

Yes, He sits on the chair. No I did not help him. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

FujiFilm Instax Mini 70... Making memories last longer....

FujiFilm: Instax Mini 70

I have totally fallen in love & become completely obsessed with this camera!!!! Honestly i didn't understand what all the hype was with this camera, all the rave it was getting & why it was on everybody's (including my sister's) wish list! My sister would literally be like "I want one!!! Just look at how cute it is", I just nodded my head while thinking my sister was nuts for desperately wanting a camera when she had a cell phone that pretty much had a camera itself. 

Now owning a Instax Mini 70, I can say OMG!!! Why didn't I go nuts just like everybody else? lol!! Not only have I been using it non stop but my husband & 3 year old daughter as well. It's easiness allows everyone to be able to start enjoying taking pictures from the first one they take. And the super mega plus side to it is that you get your picture print out right after its been taken. Lets not forget that it has a selfie mode!!! For all those selfie lovers!! The Instax mini 70 is super fun & super easy to use, but what importantly (well at least for me) is that you have the physical picture at the palm of your hand & not just stored in your phone. Brings me back to the old days where you develop your pictures & store them in a photo album to show them to family & friends.

This is probably one of the funnest & coolest gifts you can get for yourself and/or for someone else. With its easiness,  selfie mode for easy & excellent self portraits with the help of the selfie mirror, being able to switch to landscape, marco modes, and a self timer the possibilities & smiles are endless!!

My FujiFilm Instax Mini 70 in Canary yellow.

Can you see her excitement?! Lol

She keeps saying that it belongs to her & not mommy! Lol.

So curious & anxious to use it already!

These were taken at The Moms, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 event!!

I love to see the pics we take displayed!!!

These beauties were taken by my 3yr old Frida! :)

Disclaimer: I received this product at an event for free. All words & opinions are 100% my own.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Family Sunday.

Sunday is always a day of relaxation & spent with the family. 

She's such a Daddy's girl!

Family Time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Her latest Obsession...

Lately my Frida has become completely obsessed with FLOWERS!!!! She already knows where the flower spot is around our house so she knows when we are almost home because of it. Her obsession has become so strong that the flower man already knows approximately what time we walk by & is awaiting her with a pink flower. I personally love flowers but I can honestly say she surpasses me, Lmao!! 

Some days she wants a whole bouquet! 

"Take picture of my flower mommy"

She was dancing with her flower  :)

Monday, April 4, 2016

I SEE ME! Books.. On The Day You Were Born

I SEE ME! Books is a company that offers personalized books & gifts for all celebrations (ages: Birth-12 yrs old). Through their personalized gifts they hope to increase self-esteem in children & celebrate their uniqueness. The ultimate goal is to have each child feel how wonderfully unique & special he an/or she is, to teach the child how to spell his or her name & to build their vocabulary skills.

On April 7th, they have a new book to be released, On The Day You Were Born can now be personalized! This special version was created especially for I SEE ME! books. 
On The Day you Were Born, written & illustrated by Debra Frasier, is considered a modern children's classic. The  poetic text welcomes your child to everyday miracles of planet Earth. With over one million copies in print, this book is perfect for the arrival of newborns, birthdays, school celebrations & church events. Help welcome a special baby to the world with the beautiful, award winning celebration of life by Debra Frasier.

I had the immense pleasure to receive a  personalizied copy of On The Day You Were Born for my Frida!!! We had already owned a copy of the book but to own it with her name is absolutely awesome!! To celebrate the uniqueness of her name & for her to see herself as well as her name while we read the story is amazing. You can see her eyes shine bright when she hears her own name throughout the story, makes reading time even more special. 
If you're looking for a special gift for a unique little person whom you know don not hesitate in getting a personalized copy of On The Day You Were Born. If you wanna add a little extra make sure you look into their other array of gifts which include Lunchboxes, puzzles, coloring books, placemats, stickers & growth charts! Theres something for everyone & for every special occasion you choose to celebrate!!! 

Make sure to follow I SEE ME! books on all their social media:
Twitter: (@ISEEMe_Books)
Email promos/discounts and updates:

On The Day You Were Born FRIDA!!!
She loves looking for her name through out the book.

One of her fave books for bed time!!

My world got better when you were born, my Frida!