Thursday, December 17, 2015

Awesome movie premiere day!!

Today was super exciting I was able to attend two movie premieres which included my first ever live Red Carpet!!!
The first one was for The Danish Girl with a Q & A with the lead actress Alicia VikanderI was so overtaken with emotion when seeing this movie, caught totally off guard with the powerful in my own opinion message this movie gives. I don't want to go into too much detail since i don't want to give any spoilers, but this movie gives a powerful message about Love. Love for someone you care for & how much you would withstand forth due to that love. This movie is by far a must see! You're in for an emotional yet beautiful ride with this incredible movie. 

In the evening i was so excited to attend the red carpet movie premiere of Concussion!!! Will Smith was going to be walking the red carpet being he plays the leading actor. Can we take a minute to scream & have a total fan girl moment for WILL SMITH!!!!!!!!! 
We were given the oppurtunity to be at the red carpet before seeing the movie. Concussion is such an intense film that teaches us things about head concussions to football plays. A must see for all football fans as well as non football fans.

Alicia Vinkander 

Red Carpet Premiere!! Concussion.


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New members to family Game Night!

My little family & I usually enjoy game night every Saturday night; Sundays are also filled with games weather its on the PS3 or good old fashioned board games. Thanks to Hasbro Gaming we recently added Bop it: R2-D2, Monopoly: Star Wars Edition & Mashin' Max to our collection. Hasbro sent us these wonderful games for us to review. My daughter was super excited when she saw R2-D2 & her reaction was priceless when she saw that it was Bop it!! At only 2 years old she has mastered the Bop It concept! She felt a little bad bopping R2-D2's head at first but then just went about playing with it, now she even sleeps hugging him!
We have already spent our gaming days playing the games & enjoying quality time with each other. A more detailed review will come in a few days but for now I leave you with a few pics of when we received the package!
Thanks HASBRO GAMING for the wonderful opportunity of reviewing the games but also giving us  priceless memories as a family!!!


Doing a little dance before opening the package! 

She got so excited when she saw it was games!!

"Mommy take picture with R2-D2 before I play" Lol

This is just the cutest!!! We love it!!!

Coolest Monopoly ever! Even the play pieces are Star Wars related!!

My Husband another Bop It feen, took the game away from our daughter so he could set the high record! (For now, lol)

Before we played she wanted a pic with all the games  :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello December!!!

Hello December!!! Today after working for a few hours, I spent the rest of this rainy Tuesday relaxing with my littles!! Getting into the christmas spirt we looked for our christmas decorations & watched The polar express! So we basically just watched a whole bunch of movies & chilled!! 

My Babies & I!!!

Cuddled together!

Yup My Furbaby Maverick is on top of my legs & Frida is on top of him! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Do you ever?

DO YOU EVER???!!!!???

Do you ever jut lay in bed for hours not being able to sleep, a million thoughts running through your head???? Why is that we tend to have all these thoughts right when our head hits the pillow?
This is my current situtation but not only do i have a million thoughts racing through my head, Im also here typing away what i hope doesn't seem like pure nonsense!!!
Ugh!!! Thoughts leave my head! Let me sleep!!! But who am I kidding we all know I'm gonna be up for the next couple of hours!
Lately Ive been feeling really sad & nostalgic, to the point where tears run down my cheeks. As my husband, my little one & my fur baby are in dream land I lay (well in this case sit here & type this blog) just feeling all types of way.
Today wasn't a good day for me, by that i mean some miscommunication happened & well that basically left me where i am now. SAD! 
Sometines I feel like I should go to a therapist or someone to talk  without holding back, you know someone who will not judge, just listen, be that shoulder to lean on. You know sometimes you can go to your family or that one friend but even they can sometimes try to give you advise or be judging you not intentionally but they do. 
I always been that person that people come to, that shoulder to lean on... But  one in a while I need that shoulder.... I need the ear to listen with no judgement. 

This is just me rambling! Ugh Damn you thoughts!!!!

Besides all this crazy talk, I without a doubt love my family & friends! Will always be here for them no matter what! FYI: Don't mess with any of them cause Im always ready to pounce on anyone who tries!!! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ohh So Fancy!

We can be Fancy! lol. Day well spent with my little one at Lincoln Center!

Burrata! This was absolutely delicious!! 

Of course we needed a Bathroom Selfie! lol :)

Dessert!!! Yum!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sturdy & Trusty Igloo

Ive been day dreaming about Igloo's Party Bar Powered By Liddup cooler since i saw it at the the MomTrends Holiday Soirée. Omg!! I absolutely feel in love with its modern & cool look! Dreaming about how its the perfect match & companion for all the parties & gatherings i have at my home. AHHHHH!! One can only dream!!!!
Fortunately at the event I met the band rep for Igloo & she gave me her contact info. Now if I only gather up the courage to ask if theres any way i can possibly review the product! So keep your fingers crossed that when I push myself to type that email I get a thumbs up!! Lol.

Isn't it Beautiful???!!!!

This is my current Igloo, purchased back in 93'!!! 

Yea its old but its one sturdy bad ass cooler!!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Momtrends Holiday Soiree.

As a new blogger I was lucky to get invited to this years MomTrends Holiday Soirée  Not really familiar with what happens at events like this I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect. but luckily I was accompanied by my sister who is a blogger & Vlogger (She has way more experience with this than I do,Lol) so I was in good hands.
I was cheerfully greeted when we arrived to the event (which in opinion sets your mood for the rest of the event) that helped ease my nerves & I was ready to enjoy the event. You can totally feel the warmth, cheerfulness & family vibe at the event that made me feel super comfortable, made me feel like I was among family.
The brand reps that were present were so genuinely easy to apporach & talk to for all the info about their products. Surprisgnly I learned a lot about products that I have used or know about to those that i had no clue were available, it was an exciting learning experience.
Below I leave a few pics of the event & Honestly I am grateful i attended the MomTrends Holiday Soirée, the change i was given to meet fellow bloggers & brand reps is unforgettable. Thank you so much for the opportunity  & hopefully I will get the chance to attend next year! :)

Teleflora outdid themselves with these wonderful holiday displays.

American Girl! 

The Giving Tree, I totally loved this idea.

I totally loved everything about this display!

Igloo coolers showed that coolers are not only meant for the warm season but they can add that special touch during the holiday season.

Pom Wonderful, OMG! Bravo with the Drinks & Food!!!

Can i have a tray to go?? Lol! Pomergrante guacamole!! :)  

My Sister & I. 
MudPuppy products are so freaking awesome!!

Hasbro, Classics will always be my FAVE!!!

BedGear!! Omg! I absolutely fell in love with this brand!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Nyc Marathon 2015!!!!

My amazing Dad ran his 15th Marathon this Sunday (Nov.1.2015).   He's freaking awesome!! My nephew also ran a special race that allowed him to run the last 2 miles of the marathon & cross the official finish line!!!

Go Daddy Go!!!!

My nephew & My Dad!

Family portrait! (Sorry my hubby's head got cut off,Lol)

Silly Selfie with my dad!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life Happens....

There are so many questions that run through your head when certain events happen, Why? is the one that runs through my head in a loop style.....
I haven't had the "strength" to type anything of any means.....

But hey Im still blessed to have my familys love & support so once i feel better I'll be back full to keep rambling, Lol.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lets get a little more personal....


These are just some of the main headlines that are published about PitBulls or any dog that is caterogized in this breed. This Breed has one of the most unfair reputations out there, believed to be a dangerously agressive and post a danger to society. Sadly due to this people don't realize that bully breeds make loyal & loving pets.

To be honest I was included in that group but to be fair i was terrified of all dogs. That was until i started dating my husband and he owned a pitbull. Not only was he a pitbull his name happened to be Chucky which in my head automatically thought of the evil doll, lol. When the moment finally came that Chucky & I met, I was scared and that feeling remained for the first couple of visits. My husband said that Chucky usually didn't allow people he did not know that long pet his head or if he saw people pretend to hit him he would come and head butt them to push them as far away from him as possible. But surprise Chucky let me pet him on the head & if i would pretend to hit my husband and my husband would move close to me he would push him away from me, Lol. Chucky & I had a wonderful relationship from there on, he was so loving, loyal and protective. 
Even though Chucky had been a awesome and loyal pitbull, I was still hesitant about owning a pitbulll once we had kids. My husband said the only breed he would ever have is pitbull. So to make this story short, (Lol, sorry i can ramble once i get started) We are now parents to our furbaby Maverick which is a American Bully, this breed is not common here on the east coast. Chucky sadly is no longer with us but will forever remain in our hearts. 
Now I will leave you with a few pics of all my babies, Lol. Hope you enjoy!

         This here is Chucky, the lovable dog that opened my eyes & touched my heart forever. (My husband had him from 3months old till he was 14 years old)

My little Frida with Chuck. (This was the last pic of them together.)

Momma & Maverick.

Hi! I'm Maverick!

  My Two babies, Maverick & Frida.

My little Family. Husband, Frida & Maverick.

Frida loves to read along side her brother Maverick.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dog filled days!!!!

.. Our days have been extra doggy. We are currently dog sitting my parents furbaby while they are on vacation.  Frida absolutely loves it, Lol.
P.s. So do I!!!! 
Manhattan & Maverick!
Family late night stroll!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lets go Back in time.....

Here are a few pics of the most wonderful, magical, Happy day of my life!

My Frida Jaylah was born Jan.20.2013.

We are now complete!

She's so tiny!!

My world, my everything!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My babies!!

Their bond is so strong & I absolutely love it!!! 

“I believe that Pit Bulls are a reflection of their owners. If you treat a Pit Bull with love and respect he will show you love and respect. If you treat a Pit Bull viciously, he will become vicious.”
— Laura D. (Founder of My Pit Bull Friend))

My babies!
They are inseparable. 
We can't open gifts yet Maverick!
Reading a bedtime story together.
Those faces!!! :)
Fun in the park!
Maverick & Frida!