Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sturdy & Trusty Igloo

Ive been day dreaming about Igloo's Party Bar Powered By Liddup cooler since i saw it at the the MomTrends Holiday Soirée. Omg!! I absolutely feel in love with its modern & cool look! Dreaming about how its the perfect match & companion for all the parties & gatherings i have at my home. AHHHHH!! One can only dream!!!!
Fortunately at the event I met the band rep for Igloo & she gave me her contact info. Now if I only gather up the courage to ask if theres any way i can possibly review the product! So keep your fingers crossed that when I push myself to type that email I get a thumbs up!! Lol.

Isn't it Beautiful???!!!!

This is my current Igloo, purchased back in 93'!!! 

Yea its old but its one sturdy bad ass cooler!!


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