Saturday, September 3, 2016

.. Worlds Smallest Toys but such big fun!!! ..

Classics have made a come back these past few years, remake of tv shows, some of the fashion, music groups/singers, but one of my faves are certainly the toys!!! Now don't get me wrong toys from generation are cool but some of the old school toys are most definitely way cooler!!! 
Worlds smallest toys brings back some awesome classics but in mini version!!! Some of the classics are Rubik's Cube, Perplexus, Fisher Price Chatter Telephone, Doodle Top and more. These toys were cool in their original form but in mini version they freaking cool!!! Lol. 
As a parent I absolutely love these for their convenience, my daughter loves carry toys when we are out & about (& What i mean she loves to carry she usually stuffs them in my bag, lol) so worlds smallest toys makes that so much easier for both her & I. 
As we prepare for this upcoming holiday season definitely look into getting World's smallest toys, they're perfect as stocking stuffers or get the them all as collectibles or heck to play with while the kids are sleeping. 

Do not hesitate to look into World's Smallest Toys this holiday season! 
Take a trip down memory lane & enjoy watching your kids play with some of your favorites!!

Chatter telephone is the perfect size to play along Cinderella! 
Mommy & baby. My daughter loves that even her Chatter telephone  has a mommy!! 

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