Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The force will be with you. Stars Wars Rebels season 3 is releasing today!

Stars Wars Rebels season 3 releases today! This action packed collection delivers the full 22 episodes plus never before seen bonus material. Star Wars Rebels season 3 brings some of the most critically acclaimed Star wars storytelling to date, with engaging characters, harrowing conflicts, and out os this world battle scenes on par with those seen in the films.
Star Wars Rebels season 3 is avaliable today, August 29! 
Get your copy today and May the force be with you

As Star Wars Fans we decided to have a little extra fun in before watching Star Wars Rebels season 3 by decorating our very Storm trooper mask.

Degin A Vinyl Strom Trooper is the perfect addition for any Star Wars fan, what better than being able to decorate your very own Storm Trooper mask in whatever way you choose. 
It comes with everything you need, markers, pencils and stickers to help your galactic begin come to life. 

Frida was very excited to decorate her own Storm Tropper, she went straight for the markers and decided where she would use each color. She asked for my help to place the stickers on the top of the helmet, she said that way they can read from the sky that he is a storm trooper, Lol.

And here is the final product:

Make sure you grab your copy today!
May the force be with you!

Disclaimer: We received product and film in exchange for this write-up. All opinions are our own!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Avoid the headaches when looking for the right car.

Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored post. Like always opinions are 100% my own. 

Finding the right car can be overwhelming and stressful sometimes, you never want to make a rushed   final decision when it comes to picking the right car for you. With all the different resources and competing sites that offer what may seem like the right information, finding the right car will seem long and challenging. 
Well fear no more, Im here to offer you a simple tip to avoid those dreadful headaches!

First things first, most important tip I can give you is RESEARCH!! You can't do anything without researching and knowing things about the car you plan to purchase, such as, make, model and price. 
This is where Cars.com will be your best tool in learning important details about your potential purchase. 

Cars.com offers information that provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase, they provide extensive reviews on a different variety of cars. Key point about their site is that they don't hide the bad reviews of cars, if something is rated poorly, hasn't performed well and is not a good purchase they aren't afraid to let you know. If you're a first time buyer or just looking for another car, I highly suggest you look into Cars.com, the research you do will help you purchase the best car at the best price!

When purchasing a car it is important to be educated about the type of car you're planning to purchase, weather if you plan to purchase off a dealer or website, it is crucial to show that you know what you are talking about or what they are telling you about the car. The research you do will help you learn the true value and worth of the car(s) you are shopping for, in doing so you will be able to negotiate the right price for you.

One last thing, take your TIME! Purchasing a car weather its your first or not, should be made wisely and un rushed. There are so many models, editions, brands that all offer different features on there cars. You don't want to feel un happy and fell like you overpaid for your car. Take your time and do your research, this will pay out in the long run. Take advantage of all the resources that are available to help you in your purchase of your car. 
Avoid the headaches and smile while driving your new car! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

I lost myself?

I never have felt more complete than the moment I became a mom. The moment she was placed in my arms was the precise moment I felt more alive than ever, my heart, my being was complete. 
Honestly there aren't any words to describe the emotions that over take you at that moment, friends who aren't parents yet ask me to describe it but words always come short.
I just state "You feel complete." 

These past 4 years that have gone by watching my little one grow into the smart, brave, curious, funny, sassy and beautiful little lady she is have been wonderful, crazy, overwhelming and beautiful and definitely looking forward to the years to come. 

While on this mommy journey, I kinda of feel that I lost myself. Not only was I a new mommy but also a wife. Mommy & wife duties were keeping me on my toes, trying to be the best version of these new titles that I earned. 
But was that all I was? Was I wrong for feeling that way? Was I the only one who ever felt lost?

I felt like I couldn't talk to other moms as I felt like they would judge me or make me feel bad for even thinking this. I remember this one specific night where I couldn't fall asleep and stumbled upon a blog which for the life of me I can't remember the name of, well this blog had a post talking about the same thing I was feeling. 
I recall feeling a sense of relief knowing I was not alone, knowing that it was okay to feel anxious and/or lost in this new chapter of my life. 

Do I still feel lost at times? YES
Is it ok to feel lost? YES

Motherhood, Wife-hood (lol) and all new chapters will bring forward new emotions or ones you felt but will feel stronger are ok. It's ok to feel overwhelmed at times, just take a step back and know you're not alone. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

#MomTrendsSchool helping moms get ready for another school year.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to attend the Momtrends Back to School bash and received a gift bag in exchange.

It's almost that time, summer adventures are coming to an end and kids will soon return to their classrooms to begin another year of learning. 
This year I will be up close and personal with getting ready to send off my little to school, as she will start Pre-k this fall! 
Honestly I am so mixed with emotions, excited for my Frida to begin a new & exciting chapter but also filled with immense anxiety and sadness as she will no longer be my partner in crime throughout my morning shenanigans!!  (Commence mom hysteria here!! Lol) 
Frida is excited to start Pre-k as she says "I will be fine Mommy, I will learn new things & make new friends!" this gives me comfort to see her excitement to learn and hopefully there will be no meltdown come the first day of school.

This years MomTrends Back To school to event was definitely one I did not want to miss, any tips and items I can learn about to help both my little and I be more prepared for school gives helps this mom feel a little more at ease.

TWELVElittle has wonderful variety for our littles., photo: courtesy of  MomTrends.

One of the things I still have to find is my little's backpack, my little fashionista is into pretty much all colors and patterns, so thats why we haven't found thee right backpack. I literally gravitated towards TWELVElittle table and their beautiful selection of both backpack and lunch bags! Just look at the perfect toddler size Pink and pewter backpacks, Frida automatically fell in love with the pink and leopard one when I showed her the picture.
Can these get any cuter?!? Well yes, because they having matching backpacks for us moms!! And for those who know me I absolutely love to match with Frida whenever it's possible!

Frida like a true fashionista is excited to pick out her outfit for not only the first day of school but for all of her school year. Orchestra is a stress free shopping experience for both adults and kids. Don't compromise style over price, this budget friendly brand lets you keep your fashionista in style without hurting your pockets. Perfect for school days, the anticipated picture day and to keep your little one in style and comfortable all at once.

Lost & Found will be so much easier to find your little's belongings all thanks to Name Bubbles. Fun labels to help kids easily spot their belongings and help your younger ones put their shoes on right with the cool shoe labels that they offer. Different patterns and cool designs to choose from, your little and you will have fun customizing your labels. 
Frida has already requested their unicorn labels for her preschool items. 

Thanks to Ozery bakery and Raisels packing lunch will be much easier! 
Ozery bakery offers a variety of bun flavors and sizes perfect for little hands and our bigger kids to enjoy. Raisels are the perfect combo of sour and delicious golden raisins, Kids wont notice that as they enjoy the sour kick they are also getting they're recommended dose of vitamin C. 
Weather you're packing a lunch for a picky eater or your little just prefers taking their own lunch, make sure you include both or at least one of these tasty products!

A big thanks to MomTrends for inviting me to this years Back to school event, this year it really meant a lot it being the year where my little and I will officially join the back to school craze. Frida And I feel more at ease and are ready for Pre K!
So let us enjoy what is left of those sunny summer days, soak up every little minute with our littles, as the first day of school is just around the corner!