Monday, August 22, 2016

.. The Moodsters. Helping kids understand its ok to feel all the moods. ..

A child's social and emotional development is essential through out their life,  it is important for them to learn how to identify and manage their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.  The understanding of their feelings can have a life long effect on their behavior, physical & emotional well-being, school success and relationships. 
Sometimes we only help kids understand the feeling of happiness, accomplishment and love but what about sadness, fear, and anger. All of the above moods are natural to one as adult but to a young child   they are as well. As parents we can be somewhat protective, normally we only wish our child to feel happiness and a sense of accomplishment and sometimes try to hide that feeling of sadness and fear from them. 
As parents we are their guide, the person they come to for help and sometimes we might not know how to explain to them in a way they will fully understand. Thankfully for this (when dealing with feelings) there is help, help that comes in the form of The Moodsters!

The Moodsters are 5 lovable little detectives who use their skills to help their friends when they have a feelings emergency. Lolly (Love), Snorf (Sad), Coz (Happy), Razzy (Angry) and Quigly (Afraid) personify basic emotions that all children experience in their everyday lives.  Along with The Moodsters and their tools like the Moodster Meter, Moodster Mirror, Moodster Feelings Flashlight and the Feelings notebook  & Feelings crayons your kids can express what mood they are in. Each tool is designed to help them communicate and understand their mood with ease. The Moodster mirror for example  helps them make a connection between feelings on the inside and the facial expressions that are associated with that feeling. 

Make sure you check out The Moodsters for a more depth look into their products but as well as the tools they offer parents. With the help of The Moodsters and you (Parent/s) your kid/s will be able to share and understand their feelings. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nickelodeon Holiday Gift Guide preview...

Can you peep all the Classics? 

Nickelodeon was such a big part of my childhood, so many memories with my siblings. Now I also have the opportunity to create memories with my little one because nickelodeon has such a wonderful selection for toddlers (preschoolers) that are equally fun as educational, that as a parent I appreciate very much.
So when I was invited to attend Nickelodeon's holiday Gift Guide I was so eager & excited as well as my little one was. 

This  years holiday gift guide preview included some of their most popular shows such as Shimmer & Shine, Paw Patrol, Blaze and the machines, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBoob Squarepants. So many options with toys, clothes, bedroom decor and even home appliances. It was so cool to see all the new merchandise that was soon to be launched, even cooler we got to ( well Frida tested more than I did, Lol) txt some out.

Nickelodeon is not only helping kids use their imagination but also providing new ways to incorporate physical activity in your kids playtime. As well as giving your child the wonderful chance to explore their individuality with some of their favorite characters!

Shimmer & Shine, Frida loves Shimmer & Shine! She wanted everything! Lol. Their new product line is absolute magic!

SpongeBob, already an icon! How Cute are the megablocks!

Paw Patrol, That Yoga Mat though (Pink+ Skye= Can I have one please! Lol) The Bedding was one of my faves for all of the characters!

TMNT!! A classic for us the parents now enjoyed by our littles! All of the home appliances are on Mommy's christmas  wish list! 

As you can see Frida enjoyed seeing the upcoming products for some of her favorite characters!
Thank you Nickelodeon!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

ENK Children's Club at the Jacob Javits Center...


Yesterday I had the chance to go to the ENK Children's Club Fashion Showcase at the Jacob Javits Center thanks to Brianne from Stroller In The City.
It was my first time going to a fashion expo, I was beyond excited and slightly nervous since I had no idea what to expect but come on, Who doesn't love clothes?! Right, LOL. With Frida being an absolute Threenager, (She's 3) , her love for clothes grows rapidly. So I was intrigued to see what Fashion I would see at the expo.  The expo is every fashionistas dream come to a reality, endless aisles of clothes, accessories, shoes and more!!! It was so awesome to meet some of the team members behind the great brands. Side note: I highly recommend you attend a fashion expo if you ever had the chance, you'll have a new appreciation for some of the brands you may already love and you'll even fall in love with new ones. 

Lanoosh: Love everything but those Mommy & Me styles stoles my heart!! These wonderful pieces are not only absolutely cute but so comfortable! The fabric is divine!!!

Chili Ortega: Love the message behind the brand!!! Hope they launch adult shirts soon!!

KinderKind: Offers outfits with a flare, that can be worn as the set its sold as or used separately. Versatility + fashionable is a major plus in my book.

Fasten Swim: This revolutionary amazing swimwear has magnetic fasteners which makes diaper changing and/or going to the bathroom a breeze for both parents & kids. Plus it super fashionable!!!

Snap't: Attention all accessories lovers, Snap't will become your new addiction. Not only are these super cool but it gives girls of all ages (including us moms) to express our uniqueness, to celebrate our individuality! Snap't is simple: Pick your base+ pick your Snap't of your choice=  Boom! you got your Snap't accessory that celebrates YOU!!!

Keenz Wagon: This amazing foldable stroller wagon is on the top of my wish list! The Keenz wagon combines aspects of a stroller with those of a  wagon! This is a must for all parents that are always out & about with the littles.  Did I mention its foldable?!? I'll take one in each color please!! Lol 

Those are only some of the wonderful brands that I saw and had the pleasure of meeting at the Childerns fashion expo. There were so many more that were just as equally amazing and they all turned me a fashion crazed mama!!!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to attend this event as press and received a goodie bag. All words and opinions expressed are 100% my own.