Friday, June 24, 2016

Meet the Wellie Wishers: Ashlyn, Camille, Willa, Kendall, & Emerson

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a special event at the American Girl Store/Cafe located in midtown Manhattan. American Girl launched their new group of adorable dolls: The Wellie Wishers, a sweet group of silly girls who each have the same big, bright wish. Which is to be a good friend.

We got to see them up close and personal as well as watch a cute trailer featuring the Wellie Wishers and their adventures in their series coming out this Fall 2016. We were able to enjoy some breakfast at the american girl cafe and  then  listen to the author of Wellie Wishers herself, Mrs. Valerie Tripp. It was so wonderful to see her passion behind the stories & how she related to the characters herself, Her love for all her characters give the readers th chance to fall in love with the character themselves!. Your little one is sure to find one that she loves. 

The Wellie Wishers are now available at the American Girl store or online
They retail for $60 each and make the perfect gift.
Recommended for ages 5 and up. But still any girl can fall in love with a Wellie Wisher & have a new best friend!
Make sure to check out the newest line of dolls from the American Girl, more affordable than ever.


With Mrs. Valerie Tripp, such an amazing author whom you can tell puts in so much love into all she does!

As you can tell Frida is absolutely in love with her new Wellie Wisher doll Ashlyn! She legit snacthed the bag out of my hand to see what was in it but did not expect it to have her new best friend. Since then she has made sure that Ashlyn is always be her side.

*Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. I was invited to attend this event hosted by Momtrends and received a Wellie Wisher doll as a gift for attending. All words and opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Hello! Can you tell me where you were able to get the Ashlyn outfit for your daughter?

    1. Hello Julie.
      I bought the matching Ashlyn outfit for my daughter at the American Girl store in NYC.