Friday, June 3, 2016

Born here but Mi corazón también es de allá!

Hola! Mi nombre es Jessica y aunque nací en Nueva York, orgullosamente soy de raíces Mexicanas!!!
I usually write my blog in english but I speak, read & write in Spanish as well. My parents are from Mexico and for them it was very important that we didn't loose touch with our culture. 
We were raised in a house where we taught to embrace the fact that we had two places we could call home. We grew up loving both our homes, we enjoyed every traditional aspect that was taught to us from our ancestors & the new ones we were learning from growing up in the city that never sleeps. 
I absolutely love Mexico & all its traditions!
The music, food, culture.. Everything!!! My daughter's name is Frida, named after the great Frida Kahlo! Mexico is a deep part of who I am just as much as New york is!
Aunque yo soy de los Estados Unidos por mi sangre corre Mexico!

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