Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wish list.. One can dream, Lol ...

As a parent to a very active 3yr old, Im constantly on my toes & always looking for new ways to keep my little one busy. Thankfully living in the Big apple (NYC) theres always a lot of activities for families to do and having multiple playgrounds near by is also a big plus. But sometimes running around, playing catch, having picnics, walking our dog  just isn't enough to tire her out, lol. 
Weather we are at home doing some crafts, pretending to be chefs in her play kitchen, playing a board games, dressing up as princesses or catching a break to watch a movie together, we always manage to go outside & have some fun as well.

Ive done some research online for ways to help with my adventurous toddler  keep busy  being inside as well as outside. Since summer is around the corner & we've been having some really nice weather here in the city, these products have really caught my eye: ( I always have the typical bubbles, chalk & we have our nerf water guns but these are more for her own enjoyment)

1. Micro Mini deluxe scooter (2-5 yrs of age)
I mean come on just look at those bright colors!!! Love them. My little has her eyes set on the Pink or purple one. This scooter has an adjustable T-bar & lean-to-steer design. The Deluxe has the smoothest, quietest, ride available thanks high quality wheels & flexible reinforced deck, together absorb bumps on the side walk.

2. Mobo Mega Mini
This super cool looking trike has an innovative rear-wheel steering system to its ergonomic design, it helps develop hand-eye coordination & muscle strength. This has a sturdy adjustable frame. comfortable seat, chainless chassis & never- flat rear tires with fenders that ensure peace of mind for parents. (The push bar is removable, yay) 

This last two products are more for mommy, lol.

3. Micro Pedal Flow
This fabulous no seat, folding bike is great for short commutes. The standing position offers a challenging workout. It has a backpedal brake built into the rear wheel hub which never needs replacement or adjusting. The cast aluminum wheels & rugged tires are suitable for all surfaces, so it males it it easy to take the pedal flow just about anywhere! 
Ride, Fold, carry, repeat. No seat, no problem.

4. Thule Chariot ( I'm in love with the whole line! Lol)
What I love most about this product is that it can easy be a stroller or convert into a bicycle trailer!!! It comes with a bicycle trailer & stroller kit. securely attaches to bike using the Thule's patented ezHitch,  On-board storage of strolling wheel, comfortably seats 1-2 kids, adjustable handlebar for parents comfort, easy folding for storage & transporting, extra storage space.
This would actually be awesome for the 3 of us! My husband can use when he bikes, I can use when I jog & Frida can sit back & relax! LOL! ( I really love this Thule product!!!) 

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