Sunday, April 9, 2017

.. Tangled Before Ever After! ..

We all know and love princess Rapunzel, Tangled was a hit with not only the kids but as well as us parents. 
Well Rapunzel, the effervescent barefoot princess with the magical blonde hair is back in an all-new-Disney Channel original movie! It sure enough will steal not only your kids heart but yours as well. In this new original film Rapunzel postpones her wedding and with the help of her love Eugene, Pascal, Maximus and new friend Cassandra she will explore life beyond Corona walls.  
Bring  the exciting new adventure home on April 11th.

Rapunzel,is Back in An All-New Disney Channel Original Movie!  

To add an extra special flair to our Easter basket we decided to use the upcoming release of Disney's Tangled Before Ever After to inspire our basket decoration.

 Pascal (Rapunzel's best friend) was why we choose a green basket, we absolutely love his wittiness and his bond with Rapunzel. 
The Sun symbol that appears in the film was also inspiration to us not only due to the film but because of Spring and the sunny days to come! 
We wrapped green & white pipe cleaners around the handle not only once again for Pascal but for Maximus as well.

We loved the finished product!! The touch of Rapunzel is most certainly there!
We are ready for some Easter fun!

Make sure to grab a copy of Disney's Tangled Before Ever After releasing on April 11th!
Be a Rapunzel's companion in an all new adventure that you will truly love!

Below are some activity sheets you can enjoy while watching the film or you just wanna have some good ole Rapunzel fun!

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