Saturday, April 1, 2017

.. Splashings Easter Basket! ..

Can you make a big splash this Easter?

Yes, You can with a very special Splashlings Easter basket!

Splashings are full of ocean fun, weather you get a beautiful mermaid and/or a wonderful ocean friend you'll definitely have amazing underwater adventures.

Splashlings wave 2 are now available!! 

Splashlings well definitely be a wonderful add on to any easter basket or if your kid prefers no candy (Like mine) just make a bigger splash with a basket dedicated to some underwater fun. I added a little more fun to out basket with some seashells and decided to keep the green grass but in this basket we called it "algae" perfect touch to add to our oceanic fun.
In this new wave of Splashlings you'll be on the lookout for their new ultra-rare color change characters, that when dipped in icy cold water, amazingly change colors!!

Splashlings Wave 2 are available now!!! 
They are available to purchase at Toys R UsJustice and Walmart (February 2017).

Tons of new mermaids, ocean friends, gems, shells and treasures join the already magnificent collection of Splashlings!
Make sure to catch a wave & have some underwater fun!!

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