Thursday, March 23, 2017

.. Obsessed doesn't even cover it! BIG BUD PRESS!! ..

My style is very simple, I like everything BLACK!! Lol. I love to wear black from top to bottom.
My mom always says I should wear more color because of my personality and honestly I see her point, once I feel comfortable around you, my true personality shows. 
When I do purchase clothing besides the color back it usually has some funky design or if its tie dye then its 100% chance I'm buying it. 

When I stumbled across the BIG BUD PRESS instagram page it was love at first sight. 
OMG!! I love how eccentric the website is, the pop of colors that not only the site but as well as their products offer!
This is a perfect match to my all back everything wardrobe, gives me the opportunity to play with some color while still being me (My style).
Their bags are one of my faves, the pins add the quirkiness that I like, the shirts, the bombers, I need it ALL!!!!

All of BIG BUD PRESS products are on my wishlist & are my forever obsession!!!!

This Bomber jacket is what dreams are made of!!!

Pins Galore!!!

Faded Flamingo Pink, I need in my life!

Lush Lavender, OMG!!!

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