Monday, March 6, 2017

To RENT or BUY that is the question... Zipcar may just be the answer!

Living in Nyc is such an beautiful & thrilling experience. But when it comes to transportation you can almost grantee yourself a massive headache!! Why you ask?? 
Although there is plenty of public transportation with that same easiness that it is available, 95% of the time you're bound to run into some sort of delay or far more worst come to find out that the train you need to get home is no longer due service due to some type of construction, incident and/or some other issue. 
So there you stand stranded (well not really but you know what I mean) figuring how to get home, Do you take another train or 2 or 3 to reach your final destination? Which will now take about 3hrs which normally is about 40 mins or take a cab which will range anywhere form $20-$50 depending how far you're from your destination.. 
In the very back of you're head you're thinking "If I only owned a car, I wouldn't be stuck here trying to get home!!!" But the truth kicks in with full force, If you did own a car, you still have to deal with gas, traffic & the so ever stressful task of finding parking!

Taking in consideration the hassle of owning our car & the headaches that public transportation so kindly gives us my husband & I decided to get a membership to Zipcar.

What is Zipcar?
Zipcar is an alternative to your usual car rental, once you become a Zipcar member you can reserve a car for 1 hour or up to 7 days, Gas is on Zipcar so you never pay out of your own pockett unless there is an issue with the gas card that is provided but even then send a copy of your recipient and they will reimburse you the amount.
You can find  Zipcars almost all neighborhoods, cities and airports, they offer different rates & plans that accommodate what you are looking for plus you can change it once you are a member.

We have been members for Zipcar for the past 6 years now and have absolutely had an awesome experience! (Thats why we haven't bought a car yet, Lol) Zipcar has given us the option of getting a car only when we need it or when a spontaneous road trip pops up but thats why its so easy to fall in love because you can get wheels when you need it or just want to cruise around.

If you are debating weather to purchase a car take a look into Zipcar it really is as simple as Wheels when you want them.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. This is 100% my opinion.

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