Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New York Baby Show... Top 3

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the New York Baby Show, it was a fun learning experience even though my baby is already 3yrs old, lol. But the wonderful thing about the baby show is that it caters to babies, toddlers, first time parents, experienced parents and so forth. There are so many booths with different ares of interest for you to get information on, it ranges from toys, car seats, strollers, food, accessories, clothes, new trends, breastfeeding & the list goes on. 

Welcome!! New York Baby Show!

Blogger Lounge, Thanks MomTrends!

Doing some crafts at the blogger lounge.

Being a little shy! 
These two right here enjoyed all the fun at the New York Baby Show!

There are so many brands available at the baby show that it is impossible for me to include a picture or a brief description about each one individually so what I have done is picked 3 top brands that in my opinion are freaking awesome & you should totally look into!!!

1. Baby Mantra

Now this product I absolutely fell in love with it since I looked into it on their website. My 3 year old suffers from eczema & I nearly tried everything out in the market that supposedly helps the relief of eczema and sadly they have failed in do so.
Baby Mantra was founded By Nupoor and Vinnie sisters who are committed to a natural and organic lifestyle. Baby Mantra is made in the U.S.A from top quality all natural and organic ingredients. Their product line inculde baby lotions, baby oils, Mommy body butter, shampoo & body wash which have all been tested & approved by Nupoor and her baby girls.

2. Noobie Box
Ohhh where was this wonderful box when I was pregnant 3 years ago?!?!? When my emotions were all over the place, wondering what this new wonderful yet scary chapter in my life I was about to embark in have in store for me? This amazing free-one time no subscription neccesary is desgined for new moms, filled with high quality products both for baby & mommy to be. Plus, trusted information to answer some of the questions mommy to be might have as well as some valuable coupons. 
Excited yet a little anxious about this new beautiful chapter you are about to begin, let Noobie Box give you & baby a great start together!
P.S. Noobie Box is available to all new moms, FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!  

3. Qinti Cakes
Yes!!! Cake is is amongst my top 3, why you might ask??? Not only are these cakes beautiful but they have a Spanish flair to them. Qinti Cakes bring a Peruvian flare to their already awesomeness. What started out as a hobby for Qinti making cakes for friends & family. Without realizing it a dream became a business that with each day is growing.

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